Experience Centurion Square VR

Welcome to December. We’ve had another incredible year here in both York and Centurion Square. We appreciate everyone who decides to stay and book with us as without you none of this would ever be possible!

We have a lot of exciting developments planned in the coming months; that should see some exciting things coming your way. We’ve decided to implement a new way for you, our guests to see inside Centurion Square before you book! If you enjoy virtual reality, then you’re more than welcome to put your headset straight on. However, if you’re not into the virtual realms then fear not, we have you covered.

Just click on the link below to be taken to our portal, where you’re more than welcome to see inside our highly rated property. If you’re wanting to stay with us, we have plenty of bookings available for 2017.

Virtual Reality Tour

York is a City full of charm and history at every corner, with many award winning attractions nearby wonder, and excitement awaits. York also boasts an incredible Music scene! From both local artists to exceptional international talent venues such as the York Barbican await! So why not book with us today and save! We look forward to what 2017 has to bring.



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