The Wierd & AndThe Wonderful At Fairfax House

The Georgian period was an era in which the world of entertainment as we know it was far from what we see in modern culture today.

This year’s main exhibition at the grand Fairfax House in York aims to highlight many of the weird and wonderful activities that went on from 1714-1830 preceding the Victorians throughout British towns and cities including London.

Have you ever wondered what the considered to be ‘polite’ society got up to? Stretching from the Georgians most intimate of pleasures to the most bizarre, Fairfax House invites you to discover this diverse and significant period in Britain’s’ historic past.

We’re within walking distance of some of York’s finest bars and restaurants. So why not stay at our luxurious central apartment and experience what York has to offer.

Why not stay with us and open your mind to the: The Weird & The Wonderful at Fairfax House. The exhibition runs until Saturday, December 31st. Book your stay here.


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